Beijing [China], July 21 (ANI): The death toll from torrential rains in central China’s Henan Province has risen to 25 and seven people have been missing, local media reported.

Global Times reported that about 1,00,000 people have been relocated to safe places. More than 160 trains stopped services at Zhengzhoudong Railway Station, stranding a large number of passengers. Rains are expected to last in Henan province until Wednesday night.

The record rainstorm in the region is said to be the heaviest downpour in 60 years. Torrential rains have hit Henan’s Zhengzhou city, resulting in massive flooding, power outages and traffic disruptions, Global Times (GT) reported.

Amid the record rains, a red alert has been issued in the city. Moreover, the flood relief team has been dispatched to Henan, starting emergency response rescue work.

Floods have reportedly caused losses estimated at USD 11.3 million. According to forecasts, heavy rains are expected to lash the province in the next 24 hours. (ANI)


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