Anand Mahindra’s Tweet About Kellogg’s Upma Goes Viral, He Supports Local Champions


A good breakfast can pump us with a lot of energy to go about the day’s tasks. But breakfast can also become a hot topic among users on Twitter. A recent tweet by industrialist Anand Mahindra about Kellogg’s Upma has sent the internet raving about Indian cuisine. Mahindra tweeted a meme that has been doing the rounds for a few days now. In the meme, we see a photo of Kellogg’s ready-to-eat upma stacked on a shelf. The meme says, “Kellogg’s came to India challenging that they will change the breakfast habits of all Indians. 10 years later, this happened.”

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The Chairman of Mahindra Group used the meme to hail local food. He wrote, “Kellogg’s has been here for longer than a decade. So, this is dated but the meme is going around now.” Mahindra added, “And the sentiment endures. Never underestimate the power of our local ‘champions’.”

Ever since the Tweet was posted, it has garnered 12.3K likes and many people have commented as well. Take a look:

Mahindra’s tweet has given rise to a discussion about food and business on the microblogging platform. A user was all praise for Indian recipes and wrote, “A new recipe can’t just paradrop and take over like Hollywood movie.”

A foodie put up a list of Indian breakfast recipes and wrote that western recipes can never replace such a diverse taste.

Another user put up the photo of Kellogg’s Rice Bubbles and wrote, “Kellogg’s started selling murmure as well in the name of rice bubbles.”

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Amidst all the fun digs at the cereal company, a user acknowledged that Kellogg’s brought back healthy cereals to our breakfast tables.

A user replied to Mahindra’s tweet and pointed out how American fast-food company McDonald’s also included India-based food on their menu.

From tandoori pizzas to veg burgers, many foreign food companies have had to adapt to the tastes of Indians. A user brought the business perspective into the light. They wrote, “Choice of consumers forces change and India has a huge strength when it comes to consumption.”

Another user noted that Kellogg’s had fared well because of its business strategies to adapt to a diverse population of consumers. They wrote, “This post is a celebration of Kellogg’s market strategy.”

Indian cuisine lovers seem to be having a feast over Anand Mahindra’s tweet. After all, no food meme can go unnoticed on the internet.

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