Vanessa Barboni Hallik launched Another Tomorrow in January of 2020, weeks before the pandemic hit. By April, fashion spending was down 79%, headlines were declaring “sweatpants forever,” and Another Tomorrow’s main proposition was… suits. A former Morgan Stanley managing director, Barboni Hallik spent years wishing for more sustainable, ethical tailoring options, until she finally decided to do it herself (backed by her studies in sustainability management at Columbia University’s Earth Institute, where she is an M.S. candidate).

People still aren’t wearing suits like they used to, and the fashion industry is far from recovered. Barboni Hallik’s timing wasn’t great, but Another Tomorrow is thriving anyways. The brand just opened its first store on Bleecker Street, a serene and well-appointed space lined with racks of 100% organic cotton tees and tanks, indigo dip-dyed shirtdresses (a collaboration with Cara Marie Piazza), puffed-sleeve blouses, organic cotton knits, and, yes, plenty of suits: relaxed blazers in black, tobacco, candy apple red, and peony, each with a matching pleated trouser. These aren’t “business suits” unless you want them to be; Barboni Hallik said a young woman came in last week in cut-off shorts and bought a navy jacket (sized up) to wear with them.


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