Asked to leave PSG in July so club could earn good transfer fee, time to find replacement: Kylian Mbappe


Kylian Mbappe has said that he didn’t appreciate the fact that Paris St. Germain said that he asked to leave the club in the last week of August when he had gone to them with the request in July.

Kylian Mbappe can leave for free when his contract ends this season. (Reuters Photo)


  • Mbappe denied he had turned down “six or seven” extension proposals
  • Mbappe said it was untrue that he did not want to talk to sporting director Leonardo
  • The French striker can leave for free when his contract ends this season
France striker Kylian Mbappe said he informed Paris St Germain in July that he wanted to leave so that the Ligue 1 club earned some money from the transfer and had time to find a replacement.

PSG turned down several bids from Real Madrid for Mbappe, who can leave as a free agent at the end of this season as his contract expires next June.

“I asked to leave, because from the moment I did not want to extend (my contract), I wanted the club to have a transfer fee to find a quality replacement,” the 22-year-old told RMC Sport in an interview that will be aired on Tuesday.

“It is a club that has given me a lot, I have always been happy, the four years I spent here, and I am still happy. I announced it early enough … I said, if you don’t want me to leave, I’ll stay.”

Mbappe denied he had turned down “six or seven” extension proposals.

“People have said that I refused six or seven offers of extension, that I do not want to talk to (sporting director) Leonardo, this is absolutely not true. They told me ‘Kylian now you talk with the president,” he explained.

“Personally, I did not appreciate the fact that they said I came (with the news he wanted to leave) the last week of August. I said at the end of July that I wanted to go.”

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