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Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh Saturday said Congress is a “sinking ship”. He was addressing a Vikas Parv rally to commemorate two years of the Raman Singh government in Chhattisgarh’s Bilaspur.

Singh said the opposition party was a “sinking ship” and “nobody can tell how many will desert the party in the future.”

The statement comes in the wake of the state first CM Ajit Jogi quitting Congress.


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Rajnath also made an appeal to Maoists to shun violence. Singh said India could “tolerate anything, but not the use of violence.”

“We want to bring development, but innocent people are being killed. Whatever ideology you want to follow, please do, but let go of violence. Let us discuss the problems that exist, this is a democracy, put your point forth. Our government will listen, everyone will listen, but this has to stop.”

Singh praised Chief Minister Raman Singh extensively and said that everyone was witness to the strides that have been made by the BJP in the state ever since they were elected to power in 2003. In his speech, Singh spoke of several schemes launched by the Modi government and added that the Centre was adept at “manning our borders”. “I want to tell you that there has been a fifty percent reduction in successful cross border infiltrations,” he said.


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