Myths or facts: Contact lenses can get stuck in the eyes; are not for those with high power


Many people wear contact lenses and they have been doing it for years; it takes them no time to slip it in and pull it out, wash and clean. But, there are others who find the idea of wearing lenses extremely daunting. They stick to their vision-correcting glasses for fear of harm to their eyes. But, are these fears rational?

Ashok Pandian, optometrist and consultant-professional education and development for Acuvue Contact Lenses, Vision Care India, Johnson & Johnson Vision says contact lenses have the potential to “offer clear and fit vision and transform an individual’s life”.

“Consumers often fail to recognise that the right pair of contact lenses can enhance their confidence, make them look good, and complement their style,” he says, adding that an eye expert can best suggest the contact lenses that can suit your eyes.

“Consult an optometrist prior to trying on anything new. The first lens trial should be done under the consultancy of an expert, as they can take you through basic lens hygiene, teaching you to wear, remove and take care of your lenses.”

According to the expert, while people are slowly beginning to consider contact lenses as an option, several myths and misconceptions make them feel reluctant. He busts some of them.

* Lenses are not apt for those with high power: Our vision correction power has very little to do with the choice of eyewear. Lenses can be customised based on vision correction power. It is important to consult an eye expert on the choice of contact lenses, irrespective of your vision correction.

* Contact lenses are not safe when outdoors: Contact lenses may be safer as they will not fall off. People involved in sports and other physical activities often find means of vision correction as an obstacle as they come in the way of their performance. Lenses are easy to maintain and hassle-free.

Lenses can be customised based on vision correction power. It is important to consult an eye expert on the choice of contact lenses. (Photo: Getty/Thinkstock)

* Contact lenses can pop out of your eye: Contact lenses — once they fit properly — should stay in place. In case it moves, you can gently massage your eyelid to help adjust the lens or wash your hands and move the lens back in place with your finger.

* Contact lenses are more expensive than glasses: Much like spectacles, there is a wide variety of lenses to choose from. The replacement cost of a lost or damaged lens is affordable and probably cheaper than buying new glasses. Choice of daily disposable or reusable lenses will allow you to manage how much you spend. Remember to keep a backup of lenses always.

* Children and teenagers can’t wear them: Lots of teenagers, and even some preteens, wear contact lenses. There is no specific age to start wearing contact lenses, as it is more about responsibility and attitude than about age.

* Contact lenses can get stuck in your eye: Contact lenses cannot get stuck in your eye. Follow your optician’s advice about wear, care, and removal. Contact lenses can be easily removed using the method recommended by your eye care practitioner. Remember to remove them before you sleep.

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