‘Don’t Throw Your Bat’: Absurd Local Cricket Video Leaves Harbhajan & Pietersen In Splits


A lot of funny cricket videos keep circulating on the internet, but we are quite sure that you would not have seen anything more absurd happening on a cricket field, than the video below. Ex-cricketers like Kevin Pietersen and Harbhajan Singh are also amused by it. 

Harbhajan even wrote, “Don’t ever throw ur bat after getting out @kkriders vs @royalchallengersbangalore tonight @iplt20” as he shared the video on his Instagram profile. 

This video was first shared by a social media page, That’s So Village. There are too many things happening in the video which seems from a local cricket match. First, there are 38 runs scored in the first 4 overs out of which only 12 have come from the bat, thus it can be assumed that the remaining 26 runs have come off extras. Secondly, the bowler bowls a juicy delivery which the batsman plays gently down the ground. There’s confusion between the two which leads to the run out of the non-striker.

What follows later is better watched that read, take a look at the video: 

As you saw in the video, the batsman hits his by his non-striker while he swings the bat in anguish after getting run out. The video was also shared by Harbhajan, aka Bhajji, and Kevin Pietersen, aka KP.

There are so many things that are visibly weird in this video. Right from the bowler’s action, to the batsman’s stance. Even the umpire’s position before the ball was being bowled was funny. Well, also, how can we unsee the reaction of the fielding team even after the batsman is hit by the cricket bat. 

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