Even after one tests COVID negative, there might be lingering symptoms in the coming months or what is dubbed long COVID. Post-COVID fatigue and weakness have been commonly seen in many patients. Some also suffer from anxiety and depression.

In the wake of this, how do long haulers fight post-Covid blues?

Nutritionist and fitness expert Munmun Ganeriwal recently took to social media to share some tips to beat post-COVID blues. “Those who are experiencing mood changes, brain fog, poor sleep, anxiety or depression post-Covid, do NOT panic. Know that it is normal. Most important, do remind yourself that recovery takes time,” she wrote on social media.

Here’s what she suggested:

*Eat well: Follow a healthy and balanced diet.
*Exercise regularly
*Move often: Walk around. If unable, practise a few stretches on your bed or chair
*Prioritise rest and sleep: Practise ‘yoga nidra’ at bedtime
*Meditate everyday
*Stay away from disturbing news: Limit your time on social media
*Avoid smoking and alcohol: This will minimise inflammation in the brain

“Seek one-on-one professional help if you continue to feel overwhelmed,” the nutritionist and fitness expert further advised.

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