Google recently made one of the most important announcements of the year. It not only launched the most advanced version of its AI language model with its most powerful AI chatbot and also changed the identity of Google Bard. While Microsoft’s rebranding somewhat streamlines its strategy, Google’s has created a bit of a confusion. Microsoft has renamed everything AI as Copilot but its LLMs are named GPT.
Google, on the other hand, made everything AI as Gemini, including the LLMs, creating much confusion. Here’s an explainer on how to understand the references in the future as Google is expected to use the terminology a lot more over the course of this year.
Gemini: The large language model
A large language model (LLM) is the underlying technology of an AI chatbot like ChatGPT. Google launched the Gemini LLM last year in three different categories:
Gemini Nano: A smaller LLM for smartphones and on-device tasks.
Gemini Pro: A larger and more proficient model that is able to undertake most of the tasks easily.
Gemini Ultra: Google’s most powerful LLM that is designed to undertake highly-complex tasks.
Gemini: The AI chatbot
Just like OpenAI launched ChatGPT, Google named its AI chatbot Bard. However, with the launch of the Gemini Ultra, Google renamed Bard to Gemini. Each Gemini LLM powers a different version of the Gemini chatbot.
Gemini Nano LLM is for Gemini chatbot/ AI assistant on Google Pixel 8 series and Samsung flagship smartphones. Gemini Pro LLM powers the free version of Gemini chatbot (previously Bard), and Gemini Ultra is integrated in the most powerful version of the AI chatbot called Gemini Advanced (which was previously called Bard Advanced). The third one is a subscription-based model.
Gemini for Workspace: The renamed Duet AI
Microsoft integrated Copilot in its products and Google did the same under Duet AI name. The Gemini Pro and Ultra language models are also being incorporated in Gmail, Docs and other work apps under Gemini for Workspace. The free version will be powered by Gemini Pro and subscription-based will be powered by Gemini Ultra.


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