Facebook is working on its first ever smartwatch, which could launch next summer, according to a report by The Verge. The smartwatch is said to pack a display with two cameras. The report states that the second camera on the back will be detachable, and users will be able to share the pictures and videos taken from the watch on Facebook-owned apps, such as Instagram.

The report notes that while one camera will be geared for video calling, the other detachable camera will be capable of recording video at full HD or 1080p resolution. The company also wants to look at accessories where this camera hub could be attached. The watch will be based on Google’s updated Wear operating system, which was announced last month at the I/O conference.

This is not the first report to talk about Facebook building a smartwatch. Previously, The Information had reported the same, noting that the focus would be on health and messaging features. Facebook is said to working with two wireless carriers in the US to support LTE connectivity in the smartwatch, adds The Verge.

It also looks like Facebook is pretty determined with this hardware project and plans on second and third iterations for the same. More importantly, the next-gen versions of the Facebook smartwatch, may serve as a key input device for Facebook’s planned augmented reality glasses.

Facebook hardware products: Past, present

Facebook’s major hardware product at the moment is Portal, its video-calling device with voice assistants and designed to take on similar devices from Amazon and Google. Facebook launched three new Portal products in 2019, and has a total of four products at the moment, though these are only available in the US.

It has also forayed into the smartphone segment in the past, which was with the HTC phone back in 2013, which was not a success. But Facebook has always had clear ambitions in the hardware space, be its acquisition of Oculus or the Portal launch.

But hardware is not an area where Facebook has tasted success so far. A majority of its revenue comes from advertising. With the smartwatch, Facebook will venturing into an entirely new territory and it remains to be seen how it fares, should it actually launch these products.


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