Genshin Impact ratings plunge to 2.8 after fans rage over Anniversary rewards


Genshin Impact recently completed its worldwide launch anniversary and like many titles, had an in-game anniversary event to celebrate the same. However, the popular game’s fan base was very disappointed with the rewards the game had to offer on the special occasion.

The outrage has now hit the game’s ratings on the Google Play Store and the game has gone from a high 4.5 stars to 2.8 stars and could be on its way to plunge down further. Many Genshin Impact players have also taken to Twitter to complain about the rewards, pointing out how it has apparently been the least rewarding anniversary celebration.

One of the major causes of the outrage was the biggest in-game prize, the Blessing of the Welkin Moon pass, which gives users 300 Genesis Crystals and 90 Primogems daily for a month. However, the issue was that the pass was made available to only 10 per cent of all players via a raffle system, leaving 90 per cent with just 1,00,000 Mora.

Now 1,00,000 Mora may sound like a big amount, but based on what a vast majority of the Genshin Impact users suggest it really isn’t worthy enough to be an anniversary reward, especially in comparison to the Welkin Moon pass, which again is a $5 a month subscription.

Freemium games, which offer a mix of free-to-play gameplay with added premium perks, like Genshin Impact, PUBG Mobile, and Call of Duty Mobile are known for their exclusive rewards obtainable during special occasions like anniversaries.

These rewards are in most cases exclusive in-game items that are available only for a limited amount of time. Moreover, there is often a fair mechanism that makes sure all players who put in the effort in-game can get their hands on the rewards. That was not the case with Genshin Impact’s new Anniversary rewards and Developer miHoYo now has to make ammends with a large, dissatisfied fan community.

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