Godmothered movie cast: Jillian Bell, Isla Fisher, Jane Curtin, Mary Elizabeth Ellis
Godmothered movie director: Sharon Maguire
Godmothered movie rating: Three stars

Godmothered is a modern twist on the classic Disney fairytale movie. Starring Jillian Bell and Isla Fisher, the film is about a neophyte Fairy Godmother called Eleanor (Bell) who is dismayed to learn that today’s kids do not have any use of godmothers. Now, it is new technology and gadgets that are doing that job.

Not wanting to admit defeat, Eleanor escapes to our world to find out the little girl who wished for a godmother but was ignored. However, the “little girl”, Mackenzie Walsh (Fisher) is all grown up now. She is a single mother with two daughters and a reporter at a TV news station that specialises in sensational journalism.

She is also knackered with everything — her life, her job, and relationships. It is up to Eleanor to help find Mackenzie that spark that made her so imaginative as a little girl.

Godmothered is not a particularly profound movie. It does not have anything deep to say, nor is there any social commentary. At its core, it is just a simple twist to the classic fairytale. And the film knows it. Apart from a few moments, when it gets a little self-serious, the movie maintains a facetious tone, as though underlying the fact that don’t take stuff too seriously.

Due to great performances by both lead actors and able direction, Godmothered is a perfectly nice feel-good film, and remains continuously entertaining. This Sharon Maguire directorial will not test your grey matter and likely will not leave you with any lasting impression. But perhaps that is not what we need right now.

This year has served up nightmare after nightmare with alarming consistency, and this film is a pretty good 100-odd minute escape into a world that is far more agreeable than the one we have right now.


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