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Here’s what Krafton is doing to crack down on cheaters on Battlegrounds Mobile India

Krafton, the developer behind Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) and PUBG, is announcing new measures to crack down on cheaters in the game. The company in an official statement said that they have got “countless reports of cheaters using illegal programs to gain an advantage” in the game.

Krafton says it has been working daily to counter “illegal programs, blocking ad channels, and monitoring real-time, and have permanently sanctioned more than 1.52 million accounts till date.” Previously, the game developer had revealed that it had banned close to 59,247 accounts in the period of September 10 to 16.

But it has also acknowledged that despite best efforts cheaters continue to remain in the game. The game developer has now announced some new steps to tackle the issue of cheating in BGMI. First, Krafton says it will do a more “detailed revalidation of game data for top-ranked users on BGMI.

Krafton says if someone is using cheats and managing to rank in the leaderboard, they will be banned. Further, any top-ranked player promoting cheats or cheat-assisted rank push will be banned. It will also ban anyone who has cheated in the past and is not currently cheating right now. The developer will hand them a permanent ban.

The developer will also crackdown on the advertising of cheaters and cheat programs. In a statement, the company said, “If you advertise the sale of illegal programs and cheats through in-game profile images, or distribute illegal program usage videos, promotional videos/images on other websites, we will take strong measures such as permanent suspension of use in the game and closing of channels.”

Finally, the PUBG and BGMI creator will also “improve ban logic” of the game and do “closer analysis of users who use illegal programs.” Krafton is also encouraging other players to keep reporting those who they suspecting are cheating in the game. They say each report is important and helps them keep the game clean.


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