India among fastest growing markets for Rackspace Technology


Multi-cloud solutions provider Rackspace Technology said India is among the fastest growing markets for the company. In the past two years, since the company established a sales presence in India, the country’s contribution to its revenues from Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ) grew to more than a third of the 2021 sales target from 2% in 2019, said Sandeep Bhargava, managing director, APJ, Rackspace Technology.
The company, which works primarily with small and medium enterprises, including software vendors and startups, is seeing growth across customer segments in India, said Bhargava. “Segments like education and retail are driving demand in addition to startups who are expanding their operations, both in India and internationally,” he said.

Rackspace Technology has had a presence in India since the early 2000s and had a 400-member team, which has now grown to 2,000 employees in the country. Bhargava said the company continues to hire and will add about 500 people in the short term. “There were a number of Indian IT companies who hosted their services on our servers but we didn’t have a presence here. We’ve rectified that and India has been one of the fastest growing markets for us across the world,” he said.

The company provides multi-cloud services, which means customers can design and operate environments across all the major technology platforms. It partners with customers to help them modernise and build their applications in the cloud.
Rackspace Technology has evolved from being a hosting company to providing end-to-end multi-cloud services to customers. “What it means is we can design and operate our customers’ environments across all major technology platforms, irrespective of the technology stack or deployment model,” said Bhargava.

The company has dedicated engineers working across Linux, Windows and VMWare, and another dedicated set working across the three hyperscalers.


Sony, which launched its Innovation Fund five years ago to invest in seed to early-stage startups worldwide, is now setting up a venture capital arm that will invest exclusively in Indian startups, sources told us.

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Within the startup ecosystem, sectors such as education, healthcare and financial services are all driving growth for the company in India. Apart from this, smaller companies in tier II towns are also starting to think differently about how to provide services to their customers and going digital. There are far more new businesses being set up in India and being funded, as compared to three years ago. While that’s the case in a lot of places, the pace of activity in India is much higher, said Bhargava. Further, the government push towards digitisation has also translated into a faster shift towards the cloud, he said.

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