It’s rare to find an 8-year-old car that’s had only one owner and racked up less than 2,500 miles on the odometer. In the case of a 2013 Bentley Mulsanne listed recently by Bramley Motor Cars in England, that one owner happened to be Queen Elizabeth II.

But it’s too late to get it now. The dealership found a buyer last week for the Barnato Green sedan it had listed only a few days earlier for about $250,000.

The dealership said the car was used exclusively to transport Her Majesty to and from Buckingham Palace before being decommissioned in 2015. The same dealership sold an identical car in 2019 that the queen used at Windsor Castle.

“This vehicle would make for an exceptional addition to any collection and it is extremely rare to find a car with such provenance and history, especially when related to our longest-reigning monarch,” the listing read.

The asking price was more than double what a similar vehicle might be worth, according to the Daily Mail. But shortly after the newspaper reported on the unique listing, the dealership updated its website to say the car had been sold.

“The Queen’s Bentley is such a unique car. It is fundamentally no different to any other Mulsanne but it has a fantastic history with it being owned by Her Majesty which is lovely,” said the dealership’s marketing manager, Jack Morgan-Jones. “It is a very special thing to have her cars and we always have interest. But because of the premium over a similar car, it has to wait for the right person to come along.”

The car does not have bulletproof panels or glass, though it is fitted with flashing blue lights and has never had a registration plate. It was advertised as having veneered picnic tables, 21-inch painted road wheels and dark green carpet.

“It is a bit of a showpiece here in the showroom,” Morgan-Jones said. “It has had truly one careful lady owner.”


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