Billionaires: They’re just like us! They use their vast fortunes to fund trips to space that emit more carbon monoxide in the time it takes to eat a bagel than a car would in centuries of driving. 

On Tuesday morning, former Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and his crew completed a flight to space from Van Horn, Texas, blasting off on the New Shepard—a rocket ship made by Bezos’s space company, Blue Origin—with three other passengers.

Obviously, not everyone was a fan of the highly expensive and environmentally taxing venture, particularly given that Bezos thanked Amazon employees and customers “because you guys paid for all of this”:

Of course, others found plenty to celebrate about the journey, like the inclusion of Mercury 13 member Wally Funk, who—at 82—became the oldest person to go to space:

Many noted the dark irony of major news outlets obsessively covering Bezos’s space summit without devoting equal time to earthbound issues like labor abuses and climate change:

All in all, Bezos’s flight proved to be one small step for man, one giant leap for people dunking on said small step on Twitter. At least Virgin Group founder and fellow billionaire Richard Branson—who has also been to space, while I, weirdly, still have not—was supportive of Bezos’s exploits:


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