Salaried people have to file Income Tax Return (ITR) every year. For this, Form 16 is an important document that is needed to file IT returns. Employer or company gives Form 16 to its employees but sometimes it is not available. Form 16 is a record of the tax deducted from your salary by the company and its details are used in filing the return. If for some reason, you have not received Form 16, you can still file your return online.

You will need certain documents to file the income tax returns without Form 16. Such as monthly salary slip, Form 26AS or tax credit statement, rent agreement etc. With this, you will be able to give information about your investment. 
Check salary slip 

Check all the salary slips for the financial year for which you are filing ITR. Salary slips contain information about TDS deduction, PF, professional tax, in hand salary etc. If you have switched companies in the middle of the financial year, then you have to fill in the details of the payslips of both the companies.

Calculation of tax deduction from Form 26AS 

In Form 26AS, you will get information related to tax deductions. It contains information about all the taxes deducted by the company. You can cross-check it by looking at the contents on your payslip. 

Other income source information

While filing ITR, also give information about income from other sources. In this, show income from house rent, income from mutual funds or other business. After this process, calculate your tax and then match the figures with Form 26AS. After you have matched, you can follow final steps to file the ITR.    



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