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‘She’s bigger than that’: Woman shares text she accidentally received from man on first date

A TikTok user has revealed that a man she went on a first date with accidentally sent her an offensive text that was intended for one of his friends.

Kersten Hovis shared a video featuring screenshots of the text conversation on TikTok in a clip that has now been viewed more than 1.5 million times.

The video shows a conversation between Hovis and a man named Seth, whose surname has been blurred out.

The messages show that Seth was on his way to meet Kersten prior to the date.

“I think I’m here,” he wrote. “First house on the right! Yes I see you!” replied Kirsten.

“So I’m at the right place?” Seth wrote, to which Kersten replied, “Yes!”

So far, so good. Until the next text from Seth comes in, which presumably was sent while the duo were on the date.

“Headed that way, she’s bigger than I thought but holy **** her family is loaded,” he wrote.

Kersten took the comment in her stride and simply replied, “I’ll pray for ya bud.” 

In the comments section, she explained she and Seth were going to meet another couple when he accidentally sent the message to her. 

Kersten has now uploaded a follow-up video in which explained what happened in more detail.

Following their text exchange, which took place in the car, Kersten looked at Seth and said, “you didn’t mean to send me that, did you?” 

After Seth said that he didn’t mean to send it, Kersten asked him to turn the car around and drop her home.

“And that’s what he did!” she told viewers. “And I just told him how immature he was and how shallow he was and I knew that was why he was still single. So we sat in awkward silence for, like, the 10-minute ride home.”

Kersten added that she blocked and deleted Seth once she was at home.

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