Why did you get into standup?
I always liked performing. I did dance and piano when I was younger – to a mediocre extent – but standup was something I felt I could be really good at. Obviously if I looked back now at those performances, I’d be well embarrassed but standup requires delusional confidence. I had that when I first tried it and I’ve still got it now. It is also a way of connecting with people but completely, selfishly, on your own terms. Talking without interruption is great.

What is the best heckle you’ve had?
At my first ever gig I was heckled encouragingly. I can’t remember exactly what they said, something like: “You’re doing great, keep going!” Even though it was supportive, it’s still a disruption and you wouldn’t do that at the National Theatre now, would you?

Last year you won £100,000 in a contest run by OnlyFans, which is not particularly known for comedy content ...
It’s the craziest thing that’s ever happened to me! I was a contestant in OnlyFans’ reality TV show where comedians did a bunch of comedy-related challenges. When I applied (at work, to the bemusement and encouragement of my colleagues) the prize was advertised as a measly £50k, if you can believe. I’d done standup competitions before but never for such a big cash prize. I didn’t even know when I applied that it would be a reality TV show. Comedy isn’t valued that highly in terms of money, especially in the UK. Culturally it’s extremely valuable, but just look at the budget for a comedy TV show compared with a drama. The fact that a platform decided to place so much monetary value on something I have done for free, and that this platform also happened to specialise in subscription-based adult entertainment, was hilarious to me.

What was the first thing you bought afterwards?
I have a lot of money anxiety and winning the competition just made my relationship with money more complicated. I still haven’t bought a stupid, extravagant, gold-plated toilet or anything like that. When I won, it took a long time to process. I think I tried to pretend like everything could still stay the same. The day after I won the money I just went into work, trying to be normal. I did take an Uber though.

What’s your show, Money Princess, about?
My whole shtick was complaining about money and capitalism and then I won a bunch of money but I still want to complain about it. The show is about how I seem to prioritise all those things over the enjoyment of my own life, even though I think money, work and late stage capitalism are all kind of evil things. Whether I’d won the money or not, I was always a Money Princess. It’s a term that I’m pretty sure I invented. I think it means most plainly, a girly who is aware of money, of having it, of not having it and of the nuances of wanting it. When I started this journey I was one type of Money Princess, now I’m a different type.

Do you have any preshow rituals?
I have a playlist of songs about money that I’ll have a little dance to backstage. I also do tongue-twisters and mouth exercises.

Any comedy heroes?
It’s worrying admiring people these days because in a few years they usually turn out to be a horrible person. I love Rik Mayall – his face was just so ridiculous and I love how he wasn’t afraid to be completely vulgar. And I love Richard Pryor who was just effortless, and so authentic. I should probably also mention someone who’s still alive. Mindy Kaling is incredible and her ability to write flawed, lovable characters is something I’ve always respected.

Any bugbears from the world of comedy?
It’s still quite an old-fashioned industry. People make assumptions that because of your appearance your comedy will be a certain way and you can only reach certain audiences, which of course is a very limiting way to think. There’s not enough representation, especially of women of colour. Things have got slightly better but there’s always room for improvement and for more opportunities for me – specifically me – to get paid. Just kidding, everyone deserves their flowers.

What are you excited for at the moment?
I’ve just moved into a new flat so I’m very excited and nervous about decorating it. There are so many things you have to get that you don’t even think about. I bought a loo-roll holder yesterday which was humbling yet gratifying. It’s got a bit where you can put your phone on it and everything! If anyone wants to see a photo just let me know.


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