Met Gala 2021: Jennifer Lopez-Ben Affleck’s passionate masked kiss grabs attention, see photos


Met Gala is considered as the celebration of fashion but this time, it is also celebration of love. The event saw appearances of several couples, including the pair of the moment, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. At the Venice Film Festival earlier this month, the two walked on the red carpet hand-in-hand and made their relationship official to the world by kissing each other in front of the camera.

While at Met Gala, the two refrained from making public appearance together, Jennifer and Ben, also famously known as Bennifer, met each other inside and shared a passionate kiss, but with their masks on.

Check out Jennifer Lopez-Ben Affleck photos here:

The photos of Bennifer kissing each other with their mask on has taken internet by storm. The photos have gone viral and their fans sure can’t keep their calm. The pictures have come days after the news of Ben Affleck showing his protective boyfriend avatar. According to a video that’s gone viral on social media, a fan leaned onto Jennifer Lopez without her consent to take a picture with her as the actor-singer walked into a hotel lobby with Ben Affleck.

As one can see in the video, Ben was quick to come forward and push the man away. As the security intervened, the couple kept on moving, holding hands.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are rekindling their relationship after several years. The two, who dated back in 2000s and parted ways in 2004, got back together earlier this year. Jennifer made her relationship with Ben official on her birthday with an Instagram update. She shared several photos of herself and a picture of her sharing a kiss with Ben, which sent fans into a frenzy.

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