Miss India movie cast: Keerthy Suresh, Jagapathi Babu, Naveen Chandra, Sumanth Shailendra
Miss India movie director: Narendra Nath
Miss India movie rating: One and a half stars

Headstrong young miss Manasa Samyuktha (Suresh) is convinced that she is born to do business, and lets everyone around her know this loud and clear. Trouble is, all her near and dear ones are deeply horrified at this declaration: good girls need an education simply to snaffle a good groom; only bad girls step out of this laxman-rekha.

From frame one, you know how this thing will pan out. Suresh, excellent in Mahanati, proved that she was able to carry a film on her slender shoulders. But here she’s saddled with a dull-as-ditchwater story-line, rendered more so by the dull direction, where you can predict every single beat in this women-are-capable-of-everything flick from a mile off.

There’s a nice idea in here, but gets squandered in the treatment. A tea-loving girl, armed with the easiest-earned MBA degree from a San Francisco college without seemingly having attended a single class, wants to spread the benefits of Indian chai amongst coffee-loving Americans. To which end she has a series of run-ins with various men, all of whom either want to strong-arm her into submission, or sweep her away into their loving arms. She’s having none of it, of course.

Her most fearsome rival, Kailash Shiva Kumar (Babu), is king of a famous coffee chain. In a more interesting film, their conflict would have given some bite to the proceedings, but uh-huh, it ain’t happening here. Babu, attired in monochrome suits and a permanent smirk, comes up with schemes, one sillier than the other, to outwit the newbie, but is shown the error of his ways. A couple of potential suitors are also squashed: again, these would-be relationships could have been executed with some flair, or wit. Which is what’s missing from the whole film.


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