It will take around 15 more days for setting up of the pre-fabricated hospital in Phase VI. The 100-bed hospital, which is being prepared at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Chennai, will be used as a Level-2 facility for Covid-19 patients and will be jointly run by the Army and the district administration. The order for the hospital was placed early last month and it was supposed to be set up by the end of the month, but the work was delayed.

Deputy Commissioner (DC) Girish Dayalan said that it will take around two more weeks for setting up the hospital. He added that the work was going on at ‘good’ pace.

Mohali district had reported 19,000 Covid-19 positive cases and 368 Covid-related deaths in May– the highest in a month. Taking note of the situation, Punjab government had decided to set up two L-2 facilities in the state and one of them in Mohali.

“Our teams are monitoring the process of setting up the hospital. It is also a part of the preparation of the possible third wave. The delay in setting up the hospital is due to some technical reasons, but all the issues have been sorted out,” a senior official of the administration told The Indian Express.

The district is among the epicenters of Covid-19 spread in the state since the beginning of the pandemic.


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