angle: The house (often measured in levels) between two intersecting traces or surfaces at or near the purpose the place they meet.

animal mannequin: A nonhuman animal used to face in for folks in analysis testing. Which animal a lab makes use of will rely upon how carefully components of its physique or chemical-signaling programs match these in folks.

annual: Adjective for one thing that occurs yearly. (in botany) A plant that lives just one yr, so it often has a showy flower and produces many seeds.

common: (in science) A time period for the arithmetic imply, which is the sum of a gaggle of numbers that’s then divided by the dimensions of the group.

bug: The slang time period for an insect. Typically it’s even used to consult with a germ. 

compound: (usually used as a synonym for chemical) A compound is a substance fashioned when two or extra chemical parts unite (bond) in fastened proportions. For instance, water is a compound made from two hydrogen atoms bonded to 1 oxygen atom. Its chemical image is H2O.

concussion: Non permanent unconsciousness, or headache, dizziness or forgetfulness as a result of a extreme blow to the top.

engineering: The sector of analysis that makes use of math and science to unravel sensible issues. Somebody who works on this area is called an engineer.

fruit flies: Tiny flies belonging to the species Drosophila melanogaster. Scientists usually use these short-lived animals as a “guinea pig” for lab research as a result of they’re straightforward to develop, can mature into adults in a short while and their our bodies share lots of the identical traits and responses as extra complicated animals — together with mammals.

highschool: A designation for grades 9 via 12 within the U.S. system of obligatory public training. Excessive-school graduates might apply to schools for additional, superior training.

irritation: (adj. inflammatory) The physique’s response to mobile damage and weight problems; it usually entails swelling, redness, warmth and ache. It is also an underlying characteristic accountable for the event and aggravation of many illnesses, particularly coronary heart illness and diabetes.

insect: A kind of arthropod that as an grownup may have six segmented legs and three physique components: a head, thorax and stomach. There are a whole lot of hundreds of bugs, which embody bees, beetles, flies and moths.

native: Related to a selected location; native vegetation and animals have been present in a selected location since recorded historical past started. These species additionally are inclined to have developed inside a area, occurring there naturally (not as a result of they have been planted or moved there by folks). Most are significantly properly tailored to their setting.

Regeneron Worldwide Science and Engineering Truthful: (Regeneron ISEF) Initially launched in 1950, this competitors is considered one of three created (and nonetheless run) by the Society for Science. Every year now, almost 2,000 highschool college students from extra nearly 70 nations, areas, and territories are awarded the chance to showcase their impartial analysis at Regeneron ISEF and to compete for a mean of virtually $9 million in prizes.

unintended effects: Unintended issues or hurt attributable to a process or remedy.

Society for Science: A nonprofit group created in 1921 and primarily based in Washington, D.C. Since its founding, the Society has been selling not solely public engagement in scientific analysis but additionally the general public understanding of science. It created and continues to run three famend science competitions: the Regeneron Science Expertise Search (begun in 1942), the Regeneron Worldwide Science and Engineering Truthful (initially launched in 1950) and MASTERS (from 2010 to 2022) and the Thermo Fisher Scientific Junior Innovators Problem (launched in 2023). The Society additionally publishes award-winning journalism: in Science Information (launched in 1922) and Science Information Explores (created in 2003).

subtle: A time period for one thing that’s superior, complicated and/or elegant.

complement: (verb) So as to add to one thing. (in vitamin) One thing taken in tablet or liquid kind — usually a vitamin or mineral — to enhance the weight loss program. As an illustration, it might present extra of some nutrient that’s believed to learn well being. It might additionally present some substance to the weight loss program that’s claimed to advertise well being.

poisonous: (n. toxicity) Toxic or capable of hurt or kill cells, tissues or complete organisms. The measure of threat posed by such a poison is its toxicity.

traumatic mind damage: Harm to the mind that outcomes from an exterior shock, reminiscent of an explosion, or a direct affect (as can happen in a automotive accident). Additionally referred to as TBI, the harm can result in both non permanent or everlasting impairment of pondering, reminiscence and actions of the physique.


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