Director Agriculture commends the Barnala District’s progressive farmers


Proper management of straw leads to improve the environment: Dr. Rajesh Vishisht

Congratulations on the initiative of farmers planting short duration paddy varieties 

 Barnala: With new varieties of paddy crops and new techniques that consume less water in less time, straw can be stored in an excellent manner, which leads to saving the environment, water as well as reduce the consumption of fertilizers and retain essential nutrients in the soil. This is stated by Dr. Rajesh Vishisht, Director of Agriculture Punjab during his visit to the Barnala district. 

The Director Agriculture Punjab and the Joint Director Agriculture Punjab visited the fields of progressive farmers of Barnala district who had sown paddy with new methods. Praising the farmers of the district, they said that agriculturists could save the environment and a large amount of water by adopting new techniques by sowing less time-consuming crops. They visited the farm of Harwinder Singh resident of village Dhanola who has sown 65 acres of direct crops and has not set fire to straw for the last 6 years. After that, officers visited the fields of Gurjit Singh, who sows less time taking varieties of paddy and makes straw bales and then seeds wheat with Happy Cider. They visited the farm of Sukhdev Singh of village Raiser, who has sowed two rows of paddy with a bed planter through the direct seed of paddy. 

This farmer set a new record by saving the cost of seedling, the cost of sowing from paddy laborers. Thus planting of paddy has also saved water. The Director of Agriculture encouraged other farmers to adopt new techniques by contacting the farmers who are adopting such new techniques. Dr. Baldev Singh, Joint Director, Agriculture, Punjab congratulated the farmers for taking the initiative and adopting new technologies. On the occasion,  Chief Agriculture Officer Dr. Baldev Singh, District Training Officer, Barnala Apart from Charanjit Singh Kanth, and all the staff, farmers Harwinder Singh, Sukhdev Singh, Malkit Singh, Manjit Singh, Gurjeet Singh, and others were also present. 

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