Battlegrounds Mobile India is expected to launch later this month and popular streamer Aaditya Sawant, better known by his channel name Dynamo Gaming has now revealed some information around the title to The Indian Express. The popular ex-PUBG Mobile player has over 9 million subscribers on YouTube and was even spotted in the official Battlegrounds Mobile India teaser that went live on May 18.

The burning question: PUBG Mobile data on Battlegrounds Mobile India?

Sawant suggests that a transfer of account data between PUBG Mobile and Krafton’s new Battlegrounds Mobile India game might be possible. “I am aware of a few things like Krafton being the central data hub for both PUBG and Battlegrounds Mobile India and therefore; the Indian players would be restoring their previous ID assets,” he said in an email interview. 

Sawant however, adds that we will have to wait for Krafton to officially drop details on aspects like a launch date, playing with other players overseas and other questions. 

He adds that in case we do not see an account transfer being possible, he is positive that players will stick to playing Battlegrounds Mobile India from scratch rather than continuing to play PUBG Mobile via unofficial means like VPN.  

“Battlegrounds Mobile India is specifically designed for Indians. There will be more perks in BGMI for Indian gamers as compared to PUBG,” he said. “Most of the gamers also know the pains of playing with VPN i.e. immense lag, high ping issues etc. We experienced a lot of people playing PUBG to maintain their skills while waiting for Battlegrounds Mobile India to launch,” he added.

New India-specific in-game elements and emphasis on Indian culture

Talking about new elements that he’d like to see in Battlegrounds Mobile India, Sawant mentioned that he hopes “we would be experiencing Indian style outfits”. He pointed out that other versions of the popular game promoted auspicious occasions like the Chinese New Year, and that we should see some “features that could enhance the beauty of Indian cultures”.

Indian mobile eSports to grow post-Battlegrounds Mobile India

Sawant also suggests that mobile eSports will grow further after the launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India. “Esports prevailed even before the launch of PUBG-M, but operated at a smaller scale. It gradually started growing when the audience started witnessing and enjoying PUBG tournaments like PMCO, PMIS etc,” Sawant said.

“Surprisingly, even after the game was discontinued, the esports level remained intact and people started taking interest in other games as well. I believe the number of tournaments will gradually increase in India due to the increasing number of players. The level of tournaments will also be greater this time,” he adds.

Battlegrounds Mobile India and ties to PUBG Mobile 

With a launch for Battlegrounds Mobile India expected to take place nine months after the ban on PUBG Mobile Global, the hype for the title is at an all-time high. The game, up for pre-registration on the Google Play Store also recently crossed 20 million registrations, 7.6 million of which were recorded right on the first day on May 18.

However, the Play Store link URL of the game mentioned ‘PUBG Mobile’ pointing to the title being a quick rename of the under-development ‘PUBG Mobile India’ variant of the game.

Sawant, however, suggests that it is the contents of the game itself that people are looking forward to and that the name shouldn’t make a difference. “As mentioned earlier, the name of the game doesn’t matter much, what matters is the content of the game that people are eagerly waiting for. The hype for the game began a few months ago and it grew more with time,” he said. 

Battlegrounds Mobile India is expected to launch later this month, with a rumoured June 18 date. We will have to wait for Krafton to issue a final confirmation on the date. 


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