Petrol, Diesel Rates Hiked Again; Diesel Breaches Rs. 86/Litre Mark In DelhiView Photos

Petrol and diesel prices have touched new all-time highs across India

The state-owned oil marketing companies (OMCs) on Monday increased fuel prices for the second consecutive day. According to Indian Oil Corporation, petrol became costlier by 28 paise from ₹ 95.03 per litre to ₹ 95.31 per litre, while diesel prices soared by 27 paise to ₹ 86.22 per litre in the national capital. In Mumbai, petrol has already breached ₹ 101 per litre mark, and currently retails at ₹ 101.52 per litre whereas diesel prices have touched ₹ 93.58 per litre.

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Petrol prices in Mumbai have gone up to ₹  101.52 per litre, while diesel rates stand at ₹ 93.58 per litre

Here are the petrol and diesel prices across five major metros on June 7, 2021:

City Petrol Diesel
Delhi ₹ 95.31 ₹ 86.22
Mumbai ₹ 101.52 ₹ 93.58
Chennai ₹ 96.71 ₹ 90.66
Kolkata ₹ 95.28 ₹ 89.07
Bengaluru ₹ 98.49 ₹ 91.41

Prices of the two auto fuels in Chennai now stand at ₹ 96.71 a litre and ₹ 90.66 a litre. In Kolkata, petrol has touched ₹ 95.28 per litre, while diesel costs ₹ 89.07 per litre. Petrol and diesel prices in Bengaluru have reached ₹ 98.49 per litre and ₹ 91.41 per litre, respectively.


The fuel rates vary from state to state in the country due to the value-added tax or VAT.

In Rajasthan’s Sri Ganganagar district, petrol and diesel have touched new highs of ₹ 106.37 a litre and ₹ 97.17 a litre, respectively. In Rewa and Anuppur districts of Madhya Pradesh, petrol retails at ₹ 105.67 a litre and ₹ 106.03 a litre, respectively. On the other hand, diesel costs ₹ 96.84 a litre and ₹ 97.17 a litre, respectively. Other regions where petrol rates have already crossed ₹ 100 per litre mark include – Navi Mumbai, Jaisalmer, Banswara, Indore, Bhopal, Gwalior, Ratnagiri, Aurangabad, Kolhapur, Nashik, Nagpur, Thane, Pune, Parbhani and Leh.


Indian Oil Corporation, Bharat Petroleum, and Hindustan Petroleum are the three leading oil marketing companies. They revise domestic fuel prices with global benchmarks by taking into account alterations in the foreign exchange rates accordingly. The fuel rates vary from state to state in the country due to the value-added tax or VAT.

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