Prime Minister Narendra Modi Sunday chaired a meeting to review the usage of gaseous oxygen for medical use.

The Centre had said earlier that it was identifying industrial units which produce gaseous oxygen of the requisite purity and is shortlisting those closer to centres of demand to establish temporary Covid care centres near them.

On Sunday, the Prime Minister Office in a statement said that a pilot study for five such facilities had already been initiated.

“This is being accomplished through PSUs or private industries operating the plant & co-ordination of Centre & state governments. It is expected that around 10,000 oxygenated beds can be made available in a short period of time by making temporary hospitals near such plants. State governments are being encouraged to set up more such facilities with oxygenated beds to deal with the pandemic,” a PMO statement said.

On Sunday, the process of converting existing Pressure Swing Absorption (PSA) nitrogen plants for the production of oxygen was also discussed during the review. According to the statement, the PM also reviewed the progress of the setup of the PSA plants.


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