India Post Office has solved a big issue of pensioners and senior citizens by offering this new service. Now you don’t have to run around corporates and your employers to get your life certificate. Indian Post Office has recently started a new facility for the employees and pensioners. The post office has informed that now the employees of the central and state government will be able to get their life certificate (Jeevan Pramaan) from the nearest post office. 

This will benefit those pensioners and senior citizens who are not technically proficient. It is not uncommon to witness that the employee has to visit his employer multiple times to get the life certificate. Pensioners and employees will now be able to take advantage of this new facility of the Indian Post Office. Giving information through a tweet recently, the India Post Office wrote, ‘Senior citizens can now easily the benefit of Jeevan Pramaan services at the nearest post office CSC counter.’


Pensioners have two options to get life certificate
As per the information given on the official website of Jeevan Pramaan, pensioners have two options. First, get a life certificate from where they had worked. Second, they have to appear before the pension disbursing agency. Now, with the recently introduced facility, they will be able to take life certificates from their nearest post office also. 

Get life certificate via message  
Pensioners can also get their life certificates at the comfort of their homes through the digital medium. To get the certificate via message, they will have to SMS JPL to 7738299899. After this, a list of the nearest Life Certificate Center will be notified to the pensioners. Then, they will be able to get the certificate from their nearest branch.



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