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PUBG: New State: What to expect including new weapons, maps, gameplay and more

PUBG: New State, the second mobile game in Krafton’s popular battle royale shooting franchise went up for pre-registration in India for both Android and iOS devices last week. New State will incorporate a lot of classic PUBG elements as well as newer gameplay modes, new maps, new weapons and other aspects like weapon-customisation.

Ahead of the game’s imminent launch in India, here’s everything you need to know and what to expect from the game, starting with how you can pre-register.

PUBG New State: How to pre-register on Android and iOS    

PUBG: New State can be searched for on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. The game will be seen with a button to pre-register on both platforms, and you can click on it to get registered. After this is done, PUBG: New State will automatically download when the game is officially launched and you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network.

As a gift, Krafton will also be providing a permanent skin to players who pre-register for the game. This skin will be found in the inventory when you install the game.

What to expect in PUBG: New State

Unlike the vast hilly ranges and landscapes of Erangel, one of the major PUBG Mobile maps, PUBG: New State is expected to feature new maps with more urban settings than before. Expect more buildings and other infrastructures like multi-storey malls, roadside billboards, and the new strategies that come with it.

Check out YouTube gamer Levinho trying out the title, the beta for which has been available in other countries for months now.

The game will also feature new vehicles that look more modern in terms of design compared to the cars and two-wheelers of PUBG Mobile. However, a number of classic weapons like the DP-28 and the Scar are expected to make a comeback.

The gameplay screen will also incorporate some new elements like a real-time bullet meter that will show up next to the crosshair, showing you how many bullets you have left in the magazine in both graphical and numerical format. The top left will also show you the number of assists you have done in a game next to the kills and the number of people alive on the map.

As the game has already gone on pre-registration, a launch date as soon as this month could be possible. However, Krafton hasn’t confirmed any launch dates yet so we’ll just have to be a little more patient now.


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