Red Velvet on Revisiting Their Old Looks and How They Define “Queendom”


Red Velvet are K-Pop royalty. For the past seven years, the critically acclaimed South Korean girl group has dominated the charts with their innovative pop sound. This summer, they introduced their latest EP, Queendom, to the world—their first release since Sappy EP in 2019 year. The danceable genre-bending extended play earned the group their first spot on the Billboard Global 200. Throughout the promotional cycle, members Irene, Yeri, Joy, Wendy, and Seulgi wore striking outfits from brands like Gucci, Celine, Prada, and Loewe, making them one of the most stylish bands around. 

In the music videos, the girls went on an archival deep dive, revisiting seven years of outfits from their past work. Presented on social media as part of their “Queens Mystic General Store,” the rewind delighted their superfans, the “Reveluvs.” Of course, the group’s fashion relevance extends beyond their devotees. With Joy recently named as the ambassador for Italian luxury fixture Tod’s, Seulgi tapped to represent Salvatore Ferragamo, and Irene the face of Prada since 2020, they maintain an outsized influence on the world of luxury. 

Below, the group talks about the meaning behind their new music and how their style has evolved since their early days. 

 How do you define the concept of “Queendom?”

 WENDY: Queendom contains a message about how we are all “queens” of our own lives, and that we shine more beautifully when we are all together. It’s been a while since we came out with new music, so we put a lot of thought into expressing and showcasing Red Velvet’s unique colors differently. So, we came up with this creative idea of storytelling through 3 different concepts, ‘Homecoming’, ‘Journey’, and ‘Carnival.’ When you listen to our song, you can also feel our bright and positive energy! 

How was the process of making the Queendom album different from your previous outings? 

IRENE: With this particular album, all the members worked extra hard to deliver their best. We were extra focused throughout the entire process, from recording the songs to perfecting the choreography. We paid attention to every little detail in order to come back as a stronger artist and showcase our unique charms as Red Velvet. 

Red Velvet represents two sides, Red being more pop-focused and Velvet delving into R&B. How does the album represent the Red side of things?  

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