micro organism: (singular: bacterium) Single-celled organisms. These dwell practically in all places on Earth, from the underside of the ocean to inside different dwelling organisms (comparable to vegetation and animals). Micro organism are one of many three domains of life on Earth.

chemical: A substance shaped from two or extra atoms that unite (bond) in a set proportion and construction. For instance, water is a chemical made when two hydrogen atoms bond to 1 oxygen atom. Its chemical method is H2O. Chemical additionally will be an adjective to explain properties of supplies which might be the results of numerous reactions between completely different compounds.

chemistry: The sphere of science that offers with the composition, construction and properties of drugs and the way they work together. Scientists use this information to check unfamiliar substances, to breed giant portions of helpful substances or to design and create new and helpful substances.

colleague: Somebody who works with one other; a co-worker or workforce member. 

compound: (usually used as a synonym for chemical) A compound is a substance shaped when two or extra chemical components unite (bond) in mounted proportions. For instance, water is a compound manufactured from two hydrogen atoms bonded to 1 oxygen atom. Its chemical image is H2O. 

improvement: (in biology) The expansion of an organism from conception by way of maturity, usually present process modifications in chemistry, dimension and typically even form.

variety: A broad spectrum of comparable objects, concepts or folks. In a social context, it might seek advice from a variety of experiences and cultural backgrounds. 

taste: The actual mixture of sensations that assist folks acknowledge one thing that has handed by way of the mouth. That is based mostly largely on how a meals or drink is sensed by cells within the mouth. It additionally will be influenced, to some extent, by its odor, look or texture.

molecule: An electrically impartial group of atoms that represents the smallest attainable quantity of a chemical compound. Molecules will be manufactured from single kinds of atoms or of various sorts. For instance, the oxygen within the air is manufactured from two oxygen atoms (O2), however water is manufactured from two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom (H2O). 

musk: The substance with a penetrating odor that’s launched in male musk deer (from a sac below their pores and skin). This materials, or artificial chemical compounds that resemble it, are used to provide many perfumes a deep and complicated “animal” scent. 

steroid: (in biology) A chemical that serves as a signaling molecule in dwelling issues. Steroids are often hormones — which suggests they’re launched within the bloodstream to have results all through the physique. They’ll function stress hormones or as hormones that make kids develop sexually throughout puberty.

toddlers: Youngsters between 9 months and a pair of years outdated. The time period refers to the truth that these children solely not too long ago discovered to stroll and aren’t but completely regular on their ft.


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