most cancers: Any of greater than 100 totally different illnesses, every characterised by the fast, uncontrolled development of irregular cells. The event and development of cancers, also called malignancies, can result in tumors, ache and demise.

fixed: Steady or uninterrupted. (in arithmetic) A quantity that’s recognized and unchanging, often primarily based on some mathematical definition. For instance, π (pi) is a continuing equal to three.14. . . and outlined because the circumference of a circle divided by its diameter.

correlation: A mutual relationship or connection between two variables. When there’s a constructive correlation, a rise in a single variable is related to a rise within the different. (For example, scientists would possibly correlate a rise in time spent watching TV with a rise in charges of weight problems.) The place there may be an inverse correlation, a rise in a single worth is related to a drop within the different. (Scientists would possibly correlate a rise in TV watching with a lower in time spent exercising every week.) A correlation between two variables doesn’t essentially imply one is inflicting the opposite.

information: Details and/or statistics collected collectively for evaluation however not essentially organized in a method that provides them which means. For digital info (the kind saved by computer systems), these information sometimes are numbers saved in a binary code, portrayed as strings of zeros and ones.

Nobel prize: A prestigious award named after Alfred Nobel. Finest often called the inventor of dynamite, Nobel was a rich man when he died on December 10, 1896. In his will, Nobel left a lot of his fortune to create prizes to those that have achieved their greatest for humanity within the fields of physics, chemistry, physiology or medication, literature and peace. Winners obtain a medal and huge money award.

threat: The possibility or mathematical probability that some unhealthy factor would possibly occur. For example, publicity to radiation poses a threat of most cancers. Or the hazard — or peril — itself. (For example: Amongst most cancers dangers that the individuals confronted had been radiation and consuming water tainted with arsenic.)

species: A bunch of comparable organisms able to producing offspring that may survive and reproduce.

solar: The star on the middle of Earth’s photo voltaic system. It’s about 27,000 light-years from the middle of the Milky Approach galaxy. Additionally a time period for any sunlike star.

variable: (in arithmetic) A letter utilized in a mathematical expression which will tackle totally different values. (in experiments) An element that may be modified, particularly one allowed to alter in a scientific experiment. For example, when researchers measure how a lot insecticide it would take to kill a fly, they could change the dose or the age at which the insect is uncovered. Each the dose and age could be variables on this experiment.


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