By Khushboo Kumari

Spoton Logistics, which currently has over 1,800 employees, aims to raise the headcount to 2,500 people by the next year. The company has spent close to a decade in the logistics sector and is now working towards expanding its services across industry verticals.

The company will hire candidates across functions, including operations and IT roles such as Business Analysts, Data Scientists and Project Leads.

“For the IT team, the candidates should be well equipped in technological competencies like supply chain analytics, warehouse management systems, process automation, and robotics,” said Jothi Menon, Director – HR, Spoton Logistics.

“While for the operations team, there are various skills required like forward-thinking capabilities, strong numerical and analytical skills, extensive industry knowledge, keen attention to detail, sound decision making, adaptability, accountability, interpersonal skills, and a team player,” Menon added.

The company is continuing with its recruitment process by leveraging platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet and Skype.

Speaking about the documentation and other formalities after onboarding, Menon said once the onboarding process is complete, the company has its online review forms designed internally for the purpose of documentation and ease of access for the employees as well as the managers.

In case, there is a scope of improvement in learning or skills, the company is ensuring it through its LMS (learning management system) platform ‘eAcademy’ and the level of improvement can be tracked through data using internal dashboards and reports.

Mentioning how changes are to be brought forward for a post-Covid era in terms of working of the HR department, Menon said, “A forward-thinking approach needs to be imbibed in the HR department in order to ensure business continuity and success in the longer run.”

She further asserted, “A slew of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Analytics into this important aspect will help the HR teams to prepare for the future of work.”

Menon added that HR leaders must now look at providing unified experiences to both their virtual teams and the people working on the ground.


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