Science & Environment

Ice Age hunters’ leftovers may have fueled dog domestication

Sometime between around 29,000 and 14,000 years ago, hunter-gatherers navigating northern Eurasia’s frigid landscapes turned wolves into dogs by feeding…

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Food & Recipes

Domino’s launches ‘press for pizza’ button service for people bored of Christmas leftovers

Domino’s is looking for volunteers to trial a new “push for pizza” service, which will enable customers to make orders…

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Food & Recipes

How to make Bubble and Squeak with your Christmas leftovers

If you’ve spent hours sweating away in the kitchen on Christmas Day, then there’s no better Boxing Day meal than…

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A Tour de Force of Upcycled Climbing Ropes, Sequins, 3D Space Mesh, and Plastic Leftovers Takes the Festival d’Hyères Grand Prize

The Belgian designer Tom van der Borght scooped up the Première Vision Grand Prix at the 35th Festival d’Hyères today.…

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