Science & Environment

Finally, a way to see molecules ‘wobble’: Microscopy breakthrough reveals how proteins behave in 3D, enabling new insights into cell behavior and disease progression

Six years ago, the Nobel Prize in chemistry was awarded to three scientists for finding ways to visualize the pathways…

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Health & Fitness

New anti-AB vaccine could help halt Alzheimer’s progression, preclinical study finds

Our immune system’s capacity to mount a well-regulated defense against foreign substances, including toxins, weakens with age and makes vaccines…

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Health & Fitness

Anti-inflammatory therapy shows promise in slowing progression of multiple sclerosis: Study shows using intranasal delivery method may reduce inflammation in the brain

Intranasal administration of an anti-inflammatory drug helped reduce disease progression in a preclinical model of multiple sclerosis, according to recent…

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How hormone therapy slows progression of atherosclerosis

Ohio [USA], September 28 (ANI): As one of the most common treatments for effectively managing menopause symptoms, hormone therapy (HT)…

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