If you have been glued to the immensely watchable The Bold Type on Netflix, it is impossible not to be impressed by the fashion extravaganza on display. Even though it is Meghann Fahy’s character Sutton Brady who is inclined to fashion and aspires to be a stylist, it is instead Kate Edison — essayed by Aisha Dee — who stands out. Her fashion outings coupled with the chic eye make-up really steal the show and we dig how her wardrobe evolves as she navigates through her sexual orientation.

Turns out Aisha’s personal style, though different, is no less impressive. We trawled through her Instagram feed and put together these looks for you.

She looks lovely in this flowy light blue dress. The sheer outfit screams comfort and is supremely stylish. We love how the look is pulled together with her characteristic curls tied in an updo.


She looks like a ray of sunshine in this knotted yellow dress. The off-shoulder outfit, styled with sneakers, really works as she completes the look with that infectious smile of hers.

The next post comprises multiple looks, and there is no way we can put one above the other. There is an all-black Goth look, the princess-y look in an ink blue sheer dress, the multi-hued jacket look, and of course the pyjamas paired with a silver jumper jacket. They all work.

We dig how well this outfit complemented her svelte frame. The little frill details with the cute ribbon at the waist really make this look work.

She can really nail all shades of blue. This jumpsuit with a little cut-out detail at the waist and shoulder looks lovely on her. But of course the shades have our attention.

Aisha looks gorgeous in this chic oversized open jacket. The dewy make-up and glossy lipstick are right on point.

Which is your favourite look?


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