New Delhi: TikTok which made its mark worldwide for short videos is planning to make a comeback in India. The company wants to launch it in India with a new name. It is being told that it can be launched with a new name TikTok.

Last year, the central government banned hundreds of Chinese apps, including TikTok, citing national security.

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The news of TikTok’s return to India made headlines as its parent company ByteDance applied for a new trademark in the Controller General of Patents, Designs, and Trade Marks. So it is believed that TikTok can make a comeback in India. Although these speculations are being made, no official statement has been given by the company regarding this. 

Assured to follow IT rules-
Let us tell you that the central government had also banned PUBG in India last year, but this game re-entered India in the name of Battleground India Mobile. Now users are waiting for the return of TikTok in India. It will be interesting to see how the Indian government now reacts to ByteDance’s application.

At the same time, Byte Dance has made it clear to the government in its application that the company will strictly follow the new IT rules of India. 


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