After a temporary pause of dispatches, Toyota has resumed the delivery of its diesel-powered models, including the Innova Crysta, Fortuner, and Hilux. This decision follows a brief suspension initiated on January 29, 2024, after the discovery of inconsistencies during the diesel engine horsepower certification testing in these vehicles.

Issue In Detail

The suspension stemmed from concerns raised by Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO), affiliated with Toyota Motor Corporation, regarding potential irregularities in certification. A special investigation committee was formed to delve into the matter. The internal inspection of the diesel engines revealed discrepancies in the ‘smoothing’ of power and torque curves, which could impact the engines’ power delivery and drivability.

The investigation unearthed that the affected units were equipped with a different Electronic Control Unit (ECU) than specified for these models. However, Toyota has assured consumers that this deviation does not compromise the emissions or safety standards of the affected vehicles.

Throughout the suspension period, Toyota maintained its manufacturing processes and continued to accept orders for its diesel-powered models. Consequently, there will be no delay in production, ensuring that waiting periods for the Fortuner, Hilux, and Innova Crysta remain unaffected.

Toyota Diesel Engine Specifications

In India, Toyota’s diesel lineup includes a 2.4-litre unit for the Innova Crysta and a 2.8-litre unit offered in the Fortuner and Hilux. Globally, these engines power as many as ten models across Toyota’s portfolio. Notably, the Innova Crysta, Fortuner, and Hilux collectively contribute to almost one-third of Toyota’s sales in India.

Despite the temporary setback, the brand swiftly addressed the issue, ensuring that its diesel-powered vehicles meet the stringent regulations and uphold its reputation for reliability and performance. 


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