A food blogger has claimed to unveil the ultimate hack to ensure your McDonald’s fries are always piping hot, just by making a small tweak to your food order.

Jonny Massaad, founder of a cake delivery service in Sydney, posted a video of the trick which promises to get McDonald’s customers freshly-made chips with each order.

His simple advice is to order fries without salt. Because McDonald’s usually salts their batches of fries as they’re being prepared, staff will have to cook a fresh batch of fries in order to serve them without salt.

To show that the difference between ordering fries with or without salt, Mr Massaad placed two orders and seemed to take the temperature of both boxes of fries using a digital thermometer.

He explained in the Instagram video: “Order chips without salt and they’ll be fresher than the ones with salt, because they have to be made from fresh.”

He tested the temperature of the order of fries with salt, which recorded a reading of 24.3C. On the other hand, the fries that came without salted recorded a reading of 36.9C.

Customers can then add their own salt to the freshly cooked batch of fries and enjoy.

The video gained over 130,000 views and hundreds of comments by people impressed by the simple hack.

One person wrote that their “mind is blown”, while another confirmed that the hack does indeed work as their “best friend used to do that” and their fries were “always hot and fresh”.

Others pointed out that customers would have to wait an extra 10 minutes to get freshly cooked chips, whilst another said: “This makes [staff’s] job 10 times harder, especially in busy periods, just ask for fresh fries.”


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