Trump, Netanyahu Hail Sudan Peace Deal as ‘Special’ and ‘Dramatic Breakthrough’

Trump, Netanyahu Hail Sudan Peace Deal as ‘Special’ and ‘Dramatic Breakthrough’
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– [Heather] President Trump paved the way

for the Sudan-Israel peacedeal when he removed Sudan

from the list of statesponsors of terrorism.

– It’s a very special dealfor much of recent history.

The people of Sudan were ruled over

by brutal Islamic dictatorships.

It was the home of Osama bin Laden,

a place of terror, genocide,and many other tragedies today.

A great people of Sudan are in charge

and new democracy is taking root.

– [Heather] Trump said thedeal would unlock new trade,

education, and research opportunities.

– For decades, Sudan has beenat a state of war with Israel

and boycotted Israeli goods

and there was no relationship whatsoever.

Today’s peace agreement willenhance Israel’s security

and end Sudan’s longisolation from the world.

– [Heather] Although Sudan and Israel

don’t have a common border,Iran has supplied weapons

to Hamas through that African nation.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

hailed the deal as anotherdramatic breakthrough.

(speaking Hebrew)

– [Interpreter] What a great change.

In Khartoum, the capital of Sudan,

they adopted in 1967 thethree nos of the Arab League:

no to peace with Israel,no recognition of Israel,

and no negotiations with Israel.

But today, Khartoum is sayingyes to peace with Israel,

yes to recognition of Israel,

and yes to normalization with Israel.

– [Heather] As part of the deal,

Netanyahu’s office announced

it would send $5 millionworth of wheat immediately

to Israel’s new friends in Sudan.

And that’s just the beginning.

(speaking Hebrew)

– [Interpreter] Delegationsfrom Sudan and Israel

will meet soon to discusscooperation in many fields:

agriculture, trade, and other issues

of importance to our citizens.

Sudan’s skies are today open to Israel.

– [Heather] In Khartoum,reaction to the deal was mixed.

(speaking in foreign language)

– [Interpreter] I’m for opening up

the international community, quite simply.

We have lived in an awful stateof international isolation

because of the MuslimBrotherhood organization

when they were ruling.

We don’t have the desire orability to fight with the world.

(speaking in foreign language)

– [Interpreter] Now with the normalization

that is happening, Sudanwill not benefit whatsoever

because the previous regimetook steps towards this

and did not get anywhere.

– [Interpreter] As a Muslim country,

we have the right to trade with Israel

just like other non-Muslim countries.

– [Heather] Trump andNetanyahu both believe

that other Muslim andMiddle East countries

will soon follow, including Saudi Arabia.

Julie Stahl, CBN News, Jerusalem.

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