2021 World Food Safety Day: June 7 is observed as world Food Safety Day

Today is World Food Safety Day. In 2018, the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed that every year June 7 would be observed as World Food Safety Day. The World Health Assembly in 2020 further, passed a resolution to strengthen efforts across the world for food safety and controlling foodborne diseases. Food safety concerns everyone, in every corner of the world. The prolonged coronavirus pandemic and natural disasters have devastated livelihoods of millions of people particularly in rural areas. According to the UN, unsafe food kills an estimated 420,000 people every year.

Theme of World Food Safety Day 2021

The theme of World Food Safety Day this yeat is: Safe food today for a healthy tomorrow. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the theme “stresses that production and consumption of safe food has immediate and long-term benefits for people, the planet and the economy.

World Food Safety Day 2021: 5 reasons why food safety is critical

  1. Food security
  2. Good health 
  3. Livelihoods of people globally
  4. Econonic development
  5. Trade

World Food Safety Day: Ensuring food safety

  1. Raw food and vegetables must be washed thoroughly
  2. Food must be cooked thoroughly
  3. Raw and cooked food must be kept separately
  4. Food should be kept at safe temperatures
  5. Clean water must be used for cooking


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