Kolkata and food go hand-in-hand. The city offers a range of delicacies spread in every nook and corner. But if you are new in the city and want to have a quick one-day food experience, then we suggest beginning your trip with Park Street. Popularly referred to as the ‘street that never sleeps’, you will find a range of cafes, restaurants, street food joints, and pubs lighting up the area throughout the year. What’s most fascinating is the fact that new restaurants are coming up on Park Street now and then. But some classics reign supreme. In this article, we will take you through some classic food joints that helped shape Park Street into what it is today. Let’s take you through.

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5 Iconic Food Joints Of Park Street That You Must Try:

1. Breakfast at Flurys:

Start your food trail with a delicious breakfast at Flurys. Founded in the year 1927 by a Swiss expatriate couple Mr. and Mrs J Flurys, this place offers delicious almond cubes, rum balls, sandwiches, and refreshing cups of coffee. Fret not, the menu is more extensive than you could imagine.

2. Lunch at Mocambo:

After having a wholesome breakfast, walk around the area and soak in the Kolkata vibes. Next, for lunch head to Mocambo. We suggest going by 12, especially on the weekends to avoid the rush. The place offers a vintage vibe, with a range of delicious continental foods and classic drinks on the menu. We suggest trying deviled crab, chicken stroganoff, and baked Alaska.

3. Evening snack at Kusum roll:

A food trail in Kolkata remains incomplete without street food exploration. Head to Kusum Roll Centre for an egg chicken roll and do ask them to add some extra lemon juice for the zing. There are various other kathi roll options to try.

4. Drinks at Olypub:

Next to Kusum Roll Centre is Olypub. Ask any person from Kolkata, Olypub to them is all about nostalgia. Old sitting style, dimmed lights, and stewards in white uniform saluting you upon entering – the place will instantly take to back to the early 90s. Have a drink or two with sausage and other classic snacks and prepare yourself for a delicious dinner.

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5. Dinner at Peter Cat:

How can you end the trip without visiting the renowned Peter Cat? Named among one of the ‘100 Most Legendary Restaurants in the World’, Peter Cat is known for its iconic Chelo Kebab. Enjoy a wholesome meal and call it a day.

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