Domino’s Pizza and Cadbury have been blasted by a minister in the House of Lords after they teamed up to make a Domino’s cookie that contains a whole Creme Egg.

Conservative Lord Bethell of Romford posted scathing tweets about the controversial cookie, which Domino’s announced for the first time on Thursday.

“This is disgusting,” said Lord Bethell, who represents all health matters and legislation in the Upper House.

“These are serious corporate food companies. What are they thinking,” he continued.

“The executive team, the board and the shareholders should be ashamed of themselves.”

In his second tweet, he reiterated that the team behind the controversial cookie, which are available in Domino’s stores from Monday, should be “ashamed” and added they should use their talents to find less “egregious” ways to make a return.

He criticised the companies further in an interview with The Independent, saying: “Creme Egg and Domino’s have sat together and said, ‘what shall we do together?’ and that is what they have come up with.”

He claimed the food brands’ teams had decided to “produce a recipe with your great brands behind it and use social media to market it to children”.

“It is a total abdication of responsibility, you are curators of two of the biggest food brands in the country,” he added.

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A spokesperson for Domino’s told Sky News that their normal cookies, which come in boxes of four, tend to be shared by customers and that they expect Creme Egg cookie fans will do the same.

In a statement, they added: “These special edition cookies bring together two much loved, iconic brands and are designed to be a delicious pre-Easter treat which can be shared.

“At just over 370 calories per cookie, they are in line with the content of many other treats available on the high street such as frappes and croissants.

“We know our customers love to share our existing cookies, and we expect they will do the same with the new Creme Egg cookies.”


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