Sameera Reddy, Who Featured In Pankaj Udhas' Ahista, Remembers Singer: 'I'm Everything Because Of Him'

Sameera in the video. (courtesy: YouTube)

New Delhi:

Sameera Reddy, who featured in Pankaj Udhas’ iconic music video Aur Ahista Kijiye Baatein, remembered the music legend in an interview with Hindustan Times. Reacting to the music legend’s death, Sameera told Hindustan Times, “I just heard, I am having chills while talking to you right now. I have tears in my eyes. I am heartbroken. It’s sad that we have lost him.” Pankaj Udhas died on Monday after his prolonged battle with an illness. The news of his death was confirmed by his family. They issued a statement which read, “With a very heavy heart, we are saddened to inform you of the sad demise of Padma Shri Pankaj Udhas on 26 February due to a prolonged illness.”

FYI, The music video Ahista was based on the story of O Henry’s The Gifts Of Magi. Sameera, playing the female lead in the song, sold her hair to buy a helmet for her love interest. Recalling the impact of the song on her career, Sameera told Hindustan Times, “Today I am everything I am because of him. They spotted me and chose me. I was a young kid with no aspirations and didn’t know what I was doing, but somehow I became a part of this cult song, it’s one of his biggest hits. It was a privilege and honour that I was a part of it.”

Sameera also recalled her first meeting with Pankaj Udhas. “I was very nervous when I met him, I was shaking and so scared because it was the first time I was facing the camera. I remember thinking, ‘What have I got myself into?’ But, he was just smiling through it all. He was so relaxed and never intimidated being a senior, there was no pressure,” she said.

After a few years of the song’s release, when Sameera met the music maestro, his warm gestures etched a permanent place in Sameera’s heart. The actor recalled, “I remember meeting him at a party after a few years of its release when I became an actress, I went up to him and took a bow and said, ‘People spotted me because of you, I am who I am because of you.’ He was so touched and pleased. He was such a warm and humble personality. He smiled and said, ‘It was only because of your hardwork’. I feel that sometimes you just have to be chosen and I think that song chose me and till today people remember that song.”

A few years back, Sameera shared a snippet of the song’s video on her Instagram and revealed she acted in the video because it was filmed in Australia and she had no intention of pursuing a career in films at that time. She wrote in the caption, “To where it all began… What an incredible start to my career. I only did this music video because it was shot in Australia! I had no interest in acting at the time. But destiny works in mysterious ways and I’m so emotional when I see this clip.” Take a look:

Chandani Raat Mein, Na Kajre Ki Dhaar, Aur Ahista Kijiye Baatein, Ek Taraf Uska Ghar and Thodi Thodi Piya Karo are among some of the famous ghazals by Pankaj Udhas. Pankaj Udhas also made appearances in films such as Yeh Dillagi, Saajan and Phir Teri Kahaani Yaad Aayee. Sameera Reddy was last seen in Chakravyuh (2012).


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