Fashion Week is sort of like high school, with different styles and groups, including the preppy uptowners, the artsy and cool downtowners, and then the LaPointe girls. The LaPointe girls fall somewhere between SoHo and the West Village, and they’re not afraid to spend a little to one-up each other in the season’s boldest and brightest pieces. That was the idea for Sally LaPointe’s fall 2024 collection, which she titled ‘Class of LaPointe 24,’ based on the idea of being the best-dressed girl on the first day of school.

To LaPointe, being the most confident and best-dressed meant taking her signature feather detailings and amplifying them onto coats and jackets for a bold look. Normally nip slips and shorts above the three-finger rule would get you sent home before first period, but at the school of LaPointe, it was all about embracing the feminine body. Dresses hugged every curve, and denim was skin-tight. The exceptions to this rule were that the collegiate hoodies remained oversized and cargo pants stayed baggy. Because at this school, Sally LaPointe is their Blair Waldorf, and there need to be a few loyal minions who dress less flashily than the Queen Bee.


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