Artificial Intelligence or AI has become the next big thing in the tech world and companies have been working on integrating AI in their apps and services in any way possible.
Meta is not far behind, the company already has its own large language model and offers a couple of features based on that in Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook. It looks like the company is planning to expand the AI capabilities on its platforms.
Alessandro Paluzzi, an app engineer has posted a new screenshot that shows AI-integration in Instagram and no it’s not AI Avatar that the company announced a while ago.
So, what does the new AI-integration does on Instagram
According to the screenshot posted, the upcoming AI feature in Instagram will allow users to write on the platform. The feature is titled as “Write with AI” and it appears within the popup window which also includes options like Copy, Cut, etc, when users type something in the DM window and select the text.
We assume that the new “Write with AI” feature will use generative AI powered by Meta’s Llama 2 large language model. The feature is expected to help users write things on Instagram. For now, the screenshot shows its application within the DM. However, we expect it to move beyond it and offer similar functionality within Stories, Posts, etc.
When it will roll out, that’s something we don’t know for now. But, if the feature is in development, we will get more news around it providing us with more information and details about it.


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