The Regional Transport Office (RTO) in Pune has reported a significant surge in the suspension of driving licences for traffic offences in the current financial year. Figures reveal that between April of the previous year and January of the current year, a total of 750 driving licences were suspended, marking a noticeable rise from the 564 licences suspended in the fiscal year 2022-23.

Increase in Licence Suspensions

The uptick in driving licence suspensions underscores a proactive approach by authorities to address the growing concerns related to road safety and adherence to traffic regulations. This escalation reflects the stringent measures being implemented to deter reckless driving behaviors and ensure compliance with traffic laws.

Despite the notable increase in driving licence suspensions, the numbers remain considerably lower than the overall volume of traffic violations recorded by the traffic police. In 2023 (January to December), a staggering 10.33 lakh cases of traffic violations were registered, indicating a substantial gap between the number of violations and the resultant licence suspensions.

In 2023, the traffic police in Pune recorded a substantial number of violations across various categories, including 66,733 cases of signal jumping, 14,433 cases of wrong-side driving, and 11,739 cases of talking on phones while driving. These figures highlight key focus areas for enforcement and underscore the need for heightened vigilance to curb such violations effectively.

Stringent Penalties

According to the directives from the state transport department, a driving licence is suspended for three to six months. The drunk driving case can lead to a six-month suspension. On the other hand, speeding, using phones while driving, breaking signals, and talking on the phone while driving can lead to a three-month suspension.


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