Former BCCI president and ex-Indian cricket team captain Sourav Ganguly’s phone was reportedly stolen from his residence in Behala, Kolkata. The incident came to light when Ganguly filed a complaint at the Thakurpukur police station on Saturday, 11 February. In his communication, he expressed concern that the phone contained personal information and urged the authorities to take measures to prevent any misuse.

Ganguly was away from home when the theft occurred. He mentioned that he had left his phone at a specific spot in his house on Saturday, and it has been missing since then. The ongoing painting work at his residence has resulted in an influx of masons, who are now potential subjects for police questioning.

In his letter to the officer-in-charge of the Thakurpukur police station, also penned on Saturday, Ganguly disclosed that the mobile phone had vanished from his house. He recalled last seeing the device around 11:30 am, after which it could not be located despite extensive searching.

The loss of the phone is particularly troubling for Ganguly because it provided ‘access’ to multiple accounts and contained sensitive personal data. He highlighted that the phone number is ‘linked’ to his bank account and holds ‘saved’ contact details of numerous important individuals. Ganguly has implored the police to recover the phone and to ensure that the information it holds is not disclosed under any circumstances.

Ganguly, the former BCCI president, is currently working as the Director of Cricket for Delhi Capitals. Ganguly and the rest of the team management have kept close eyes on the recovery of Rishabh Pant. Pant has not played professional cricket since his car accident in December 2022 but has an off chance of making a comeback in the Indian Premier League 2024, at least in a very low capacity.

Published By:

Kingshuk Kusari

Published On:

Feb 10, 2024


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