Teddy Day is celebrated on every fourth day of Valentine’s week and it’s time to add a touch of warmth and affection to your digital greetings. Whether you’re expressing love to a significant other, a friend, or family member, conveying your sentiments through WhatsApp stickers, Instagram story, or Facebook status can make the occasion even more special.In this digital age, heartfelt wishes accompanied by adorable teddy bear images can brighten up anyone’s day. Here’s a guide on how to share your Teddy Day wishes seamlessly on your favourite social media platforms.

Happy Teddy Day 2024: How To Download Teddy Day Free Stickers on WhatsApp

As Teddy Day is tomorrow, infuse your WhatsApp chats with the cuddly and adorable charm of teddy bears. Sending expressive stickers is a delightful way to convey your warm wishes to friends and loved ones. If you’re wondering how to download Teddy Day stickers on WhatsApp, follow these simple steps:

  • Open WhatsApp: Launch the WhatsApp application on your smartphone and enter the chat where you want to send the Teddy Day stickers.

  • Access Sticker Store: Within the chat, locate the text input field, and click on the emoji icon. From the emoji menu, find and tap on the ‘+’ icon to access the Sticker Store.

  • Browse Sticker Packs: In the Sticker Store, browse through the available sticker packs. You can use the search bar to specifically look for Teddy Day stickers.

  • Download Teddy Day Stickers: Once you find a Teddy Day sticker pack you like, click on the ‘Download’ or ‘Add’ button next to it. The sticker pack will be added to your WhatsApp.

  • Access Stickers in Chat: After downloading, return to your chat. Tap on the emoji icon, and now, you’ll find the new Teddy Day stickers in the sticker section.

  • Send Stickers: Select the desired Teddy Day sticker and send it in the chat. Express your wishes with these cute and lovable additions to make your conversations more festive.

Teddy Day 2024: How To Share Teddy Day Instagram Stories

Sharing Teddy Day Instagram Stories is a wonderful way to spread love and warmth on this special occasion. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

  • Open Instagram: Launch the Instagram app on your smartphone and log in to your account if you haven’t already done so.

  • Access Stories: Tap on your profile picture at the top left corner of the screen or swipe right from the home feed to access the Stories camera.

  • Capture or Choose Photo/Video: You can either capture a new photo or video by tapping the capture button or select one from your phone’s gallery by swiping up.

  • Add Teddy Day Stickers or GIFs: Once you’ve chosen your photo or video, tap on the sticker icon at the top of the screen (it looks like a square smiley face). In the sticker menu, search for “Teddy Day” or “Love” to find relevant stickers and GIFs. Select the ones you like and add them to your story by tapping on them.

  • Add Text or Drawing (Optional): If you’d like to add a personalised message or drawing to your Teddy Day Instagram Story, you can do so by tapping on the text or drawing tools at the top of the screen. Write your message or draw something creative, then resize and reposition it as desired.

  • Post Your Story: Once you’re satisfied with your Teddy Day Instagram Story, tap on the “Your Story” button at the bottom left corner of the screen to share it with your followers. You can also choose to send it to specific friends or groups by tapping on the “Send To” button.

Teddy Day 2024: How To Share Happy Teddy Day GIFs on WhatsApp

Sharing Happy Teddy Day GIFs on WhatsApp is a delightful way to spread joy and celebrate this special occasion with your friends and loved ones. Here’s a simple guide on how to do it:

  • Open WhatsApp: Launch the WhatsApp application on your smartphone.

  • Open Chat: Navigate to the chat window of the person or group you want to send the Happy Teddy Day GIF to.

  • Access GIF Feature: Tap on the text input field to bring up the keyboard. Next to the text input field, you’ll see a small ‘+’ icon. Tap on it to access additional features.

  • Select GIF Option: From the options that appear, select the “GIF” option. This will open up WhatsApp’s built-in GIF library.

  • Search for Happy Teddy Day GIFs: In the search bar at the top of the screen, type “Happy Teddy Day” or simply “Teddy Day” to find relevant GIFs. Press enter or the search button to see the results.

  • Choose GIF: Browse through the available GIFs and select the one that you want to send by tapping on it. You can preview the GIF before sending it.

  • Send GIF: Once you’ve selected the desired Happy Teddy Day GIF, tap on the send button (usually a green arrow) to share it with the recipient.

  • Add Optional Message (Optional): If you’d like, you can accompany the GIF with a text message by typing it in the text input field before sending.

  • Send GIF: Finally, tap on the send button again to send the Happy Teddy Day GIF along with your message (if any).

That’s it! You’ve successfully shared a Happy Teddy Day GIF on WhatsApp, spreading love and happiness to those you care about. Enjoy celebrating the occasion together!

Teddy Day 2024: How To Share Happy Teddy Day Facebook Status

Sharing a Happy Teddy Day Facebook status is a wonderful way to convey your warm wishes and celebrate the occasion with your loved one. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

  • Log in to Facebook: Open the Facebook app on your smartphone or visit the Facebook website on your computer. Log in to your Facebook account if you’re not already logged in.

  • Navigate to the Status Update Section: On the Facebook homepage or your profile page, locate the “What’s on your mind?” section. This is where you can compose your status updates.

  • Compose Your Happy Teddy Day Message: Click or tap on the text field that says “What’s on your mind?” to begin composing your Facebook status. Type your Happy Teddy Day message in the text field. You can express your wishes, share a quote, or add any personal touch you’d like.

  • Add a Teddy Day Image (Optional): If you’d like to enhance your Facebook status with an image related to Teddy Day, you can click or tap on the camera icon to upload a photo from your device. You can also search for Teddy Day images using the GIF feature.

  • Tag Friends (Optional): If you want to tag friends or family members in your Happy Teddy Day status, type the “@” symbol followed by their name in the text field. Facebook will suggest friends as you type, and you can select the appropriate person from the list.

  • Choose Privacy Settings: Before posting your status, choose who can see it by clicking on the audience selector (usually located next to the “Post” button). You can choose to share your status with the public, your friends, specific friend lists, or only yourself.

  • Post Your Status: Once you’ve composed your Happy Teddy Day message, added any optional elements, and chosen your privacy settings, click or tap on the “Post” button to share your status on Facebook.

Teddy Day 2024 Instagram Hashtags

Here are some Teddy Day 2024 Instagram hashtags you can use to enhance the visibility of your posts:

  • #TeddyDay
  • #TeddyBear
  • #LoveTeddy
  • #ValentinesTeddy
  • #TeddyLove
  • #TeddyHug
  • #TeddyBearDay
  • #CuteTeddy
  • #TeddyGift
  • #TeddyBearLove
  • #TeddyBearPic
  • #TeddyDay2024
  • #TeddyBearHug
  • #ValentinesDayGift
  • #ValentinesWeek
  • #HugDay
  • #LoveIsInTheBear
  • #BearHug
  • #ValentinesGift
  • #TeddyMemories


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