Over the years Alice + Olivia has become known for its unapologetically bold pieces—like a rainbow assortment of suiting or logo stamped blouses, which, by the way, happens to be a caricature that captures the joyful essence of the founder Stacey Bendet in her signature oversized sunglasses. For fall 2024, the brand continued to double down on its bubbly philosophy. This time, the quirky, fun use of color and patterns was heightened by a collaboration with the Tom Wesselmann estate. The partnership certainly felt natural, especially since Wesselmann is known as one of the founding leaders of the Pop Art movement of the 1960s.

After digging through the archives, Bendet was inspired to bring Wesselmann’s work to life in the form of art-adorned maxi dresses, prismatic coats, and playful turtlenecks. But she didn’t stop there. Bendet and her team worked to create 3D sculptures, displayed in different vignettes during the presentation, which was held across the street from the A + O headquarters in New York’s Meatpacking District. At the first station, guests were greeted by a larger than life lipstick and oversized sunglasses that paid homage to Wesselmann’s famous still life paintings. Taking cues from the late artist, Bendet also put her own twist on life-like motifs with sculptural clouds, jumbo bows, and 3D roses, which represented different themes throughout the collection.

As expected, there were plenty of tweed jackets trimmed with beads and mod mini dresses that A + O enthusiasts will appreciate once invites to those seasonal soirées start to roll in next fall. But it was a surprising delight to see Bendet stepping outside her comfort zone, sprinkling in minimalist-leaning pieces that still offered maximum impact. For example, for the first time ever she used a casually cool jersey fabric to craft body-hugging gowns; the juxtaposition felt refreshing in the mix. Similarly, Bendet continued to hone her craft of creating the perfect pair of pants—a priority since day one—with a double-pleated take on the black trouser in a gloriously wide-leg fit. It’s that striking harmony of everyday glamour that feels most promising for the brand.


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